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The Artist

Charming Baker

We at Script® are humbled and absolutely thrilled to present Charming Baker as our premier featured artist. Charming spent much of his early life traveling the world following his father, a Commando in the British Army. Having left school at 16, Baker worked manual jobs for a number of years until 1985 when he was accepted onto a course at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. Since then, Charming has staged several internationally acclaimed exhibitions, collaborated with renowned fashion designer Paul Smith and exhibited work at the V&A Museum. Charming Baker’s paintings now reside in some of the world’s most prestigious art collections. The authenticity behind Charming’s melancholic, yet ultimately uplifting artwork is echoed in life outside of the studio. A commitment to Lecturing new students at Central St Martins, as well as continued support for the homeless charity “The Big Issue”, highlights that even after achieving such success, Charming’s principles have stayed intact, both as a person and as an artist.

The Art


“Halfpint is a painting I did of my son when he was six years old. It was always funny seeing my kids in masks when they were young. Funny and at the same time a little unnerving. A portrait of my son as a panda. Harvey’s now 20 and is bigger than me, but I still call him Halfpint.”

- Charming Baker

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